Sausage & Chorizo Goulash

First post of 2011! YEAH! Lets do this thing!

Although I have already proclaimed my independence from the label of “food blog”, my first blog of 2011 just so happens to be exactly that. So lets just get this out of the way, and then I can feel free to fill future posts with photos of cute animals and stuff.  Give the people what they really want.

I was going to pen a post on Delia’s Hung Shao Pork but frankly, I wasn’t impressed. All I will say is that if you absolutely must make this, do yourself a favour and purchase a proper casserole dish. Do not under any circumstances attempt to use a pedestrian metal pan, because it will boil the toes off it. Make no mistake.

Anyway, last week on Something For The Weekend, him of the bald headness and polo shirts,  Simon Rimmer, cooked up an absolute treat – Sausage and Chorizo Goulash. It was such a treat in fact, that apparently the show’s producer’s email inbox was positively flooded with photos of happy people posing with said goulash. These people were so excited they took a photo of their face next to goulash. That’s pretty excited. Goulashalicious.

I won’t go into the recipe in detail, because I’ve inserted a link above, and well, it doesn’t need much in the way of tweaking. One thing I will say is that I don’t think the beef sausages particularly worked. If you’re going to make a proper goulash with beef and whatnot – do it. If you’re going to make this sausagey version – do it properly. Get involved in the pork. British and organic if you can thank you please.

When Simon Says (ha!) “1 tbsp oil”, play the game properly and do as he says. SO much lovely oily goodness comes out of the chorizo, there really is no need for excess. You may also require more than 2 tbsp of flour so in this case don’t do as Simon Says. Announce you’re leaving the game and poke him in the eye on your way out.

I am pleased to tell you that this recipe involves  sour cream, which has the added benefit of making everything it touches freaking delicious. It is the Midas of the dairy world.

Enjoy! Or Egészségetekre! as they say in Goulash Land (Hungary).

6 Responses to “Sausage & Chorizo Goulash”
  1. digriz says:

    Made this last week, with a couple of tweaks. Not a fan of really hot foods so I used mild Peppadews instead, which added a nice sweetness as well as some spice. Also threw in sweet potatoes. Lovely.

    The sour cream is absolutely essential, gives it a thick, cream consistency and takes the edge off the peppers and chorizo.

  2. Thedonkeycentrehalf says:

    Make sure you use a proper cooking chorizo and not a ‘chorizo style’ sausage such as those sold in Waitrose. If you don’t use a proper chorizo then you won’t get the lovely paprika infused oil from the sausage to cook the onions etc and which adds the deep flavour to the recipe.

  3. annick eveline mizel says:

    I live in Spain so have access to the best chorizo, but not the bee sausages so made it with pork FANTASTIC

  4. I take back the beef sausages not working. They do work. I think I was just momentarily confused by the prospect of a sausage of beef. I do think I may actually be obsessed with this recipe. I’m making it again tonight…

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